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Bomba Pneumática de Diafragma - Serie Pró

Mega Flux | Ingersoll-Rand Serie Pro | 1

Ideal para instalação OEM  Industrias em geral, para aplicações metálicas e não metálicas.  Bombas de Diafragma e bombas de pistão.


Maximized flow rates + Minimized pulsation and air consumption = Maximum Performance



Multiple porting options available along with interface options allow you to customize this

pump specifically to your OEM application.



Lube Free Patented Differential Valve both on Major air valve and Simulshift (Pilot Valve)

provides reliable Worry Free Operation – Fluid On demand every time


Environmentally Sound

Bolted Construction in conjunction with a wide range of material options provides

maximum chemical and leak resistance



Modular Construction, reduced parts count and simple to use repair kits will minimize

repair time and cost

 Informações sobre  a Bomba Pneumática Serie Pro (Exclusiva Tecnologia Ingersoll-Rans Aro PD03 e PD05)

Unbalanced valve design eliminates Diaphragm Moving from Left to Right valve centering and pump stall-outeven under low air inlet pressures.

“D” Valve Provides a positive seal. Helps insure optimum energy efficiency while avoiding costly air “blow-by.” Ceramic construction insures long service life.

“SimulShift™” Valve Provides an ultra-positive, reliable shift signal that avoids stall-out. Provides faster pump trip-over with more flow. Faster trip-over with less pulsation and superior laminar material flow.


1.) The diaphragm pushes the right Actuator Pin (B) mechanically moving the SimulShift Valve (A) to the left.


2.) Compressed air flows to the large side of the SimulShift Valve, pneumatically moving the valve to the position shown.


3.) Compressed air also flows to the large end of the Major Air Valve (C), pneumatically shifting it to the left.



At end of stroke:


1.) Diaphragm pushes Pin (B) and SimulShift Valve (A) to the right.


2.) Large ends of SimulShift Valve (A) and Major Valve (C) are vented to exhaust pilot signal.


3.) Constant compressed air supply acting on the smaller areas of the SimulShift Valve and Major Valve shifts both valves to the

right and holds them in position until the next cycle begins

Big Delivery. High-Performance.

The best-selling 1/2-inch diaphragm pump in the world, just got better!



[1] “Unbalanced” Major Air Valve

Unbalanced valve design eliminates valve centering and pump stall-out, even under low air inlet pressures.

“O” Ring seals prevent waste of expensive compressed air. Air flow stops when fluid flow stops.

Maintenance is simple: just replace the worn “O” Rings and “U” Cups.



[2] Independent Pilot Rod

Utilizes pneumatics and mechanical action to shift Pilot Rod. Ensures positive pilot signal, avoiding stall-out.



[3] Broad Material Selection

Options allow you to optimize compatibility between the pump and fluid being moved. Non-Metallic Diaphragm Pumps are available in polypropylene, PVDF and groundable acetal. Check models for availability. Metallic Diaphragm Pumps are available in aluminum, stainless steel and cast iron.

Check models for availability.



[4] Diaphragm/Ball Check Options

Fit your pump with the diaphragms and ball checks needed to maximize fluid compatibility and abrasion



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